Case 1 (Avoid business risk)

– CHALLENGE: This client was a global energy company facing technical challenges due to game changing technologies increasing on the market which made the competition fierce. In addition, our client identified several problematic patents reducing their freedom to operate. Many of the problematic patents were in the hands of small innovative companies. One of these companies was identified as the one being most problematic from a freedom to operate view.

– WHAT WE DID: Awa IPro analysed and mapped the companies on the market in order to identify potential trends in IP filings and market presence. Additional business intelligence was made by analysing the target company from a technical perspective to see the technical stage and upcoming development stages. A financial analysis was made in order to see how well-funded the company was and what the potential business forecast looked like. A valuation of the company was made using only external factors although benchmarked to known factors. Our findings showed a real and financially strong threat towards the client.

– VALUE DELIVERY: Global energy company eventually bought the patents and avoided crucial business risks.

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