Case 5 (Value delivery warranty)

– CHALLENGE: Many large companies have large portfolios. One of our clients, a global ICT company, had a large portfolio with several patents which were not commercialised according to their plans or kept in the drawers. Our client identified several non-core patents that they wanted to commercialise; either through sale, licensing or entering a collaboration.

– WHAT WE DID: Awa IPro offered a value warranty package for this client which means that we can guarantee a revenue generation or cost savings delivery. We analysed the patents, identified a value network and actors in each node of the value network. For each node we made a market analysis and a market offer. We then contacted all companies with bespoke business proposals. More than 500 contacts were made with several interested potential buyers.

– VALUE DELIVERY: Our client sold and licensed a number of the patents, kept some but abandoned more than half of the portfolio. Only the annual fee savings amounted to several million USD.

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