Case 7 (Deal and licensing support)

– CHALLENGE: A highly innovative biotech company had a proof of sales in the domestic market and was interested in expanding globallly through licensing. The client did not know how to structure the deal, what to expect in terms of royalties, down-payments and what kind of warranties they had to commit to. Several other known and unknown issues were also a concern.

– WHAT WE DID: We analysed the intellectual property and business plan. In addition, we analysed the market segment to understand how deals were structured in their segment. We also searched in royalty and license deal databases to identify how license deals were structured in their segment along with identifying relevant royalty rates. We then held a workshop where we, step by step, went through a typical license deal for their segment, opportunities and threats when accepting various clauses.

– VALUE DELIVERY: The client was prepared to discuss and negotiate a license deal, knowing what to expect from the negotiations.

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