Since we work with clients from all industries, there´s no deal that is similar with the other but to give you an understanding of the licensing and patent sale deals we are involved with we have stated two cases below.


– CHALLENGE: After encountering a problem in the healthcare industry, a single inventor came up with a solution that allows for fail-safe handling. Patent application was filed and a prototype was developed. By having a fail-safe solution, the small medtech company had to face several global giants in the industry. For some of these, the invention could replace existing solutions and for others it could be a complement to existing solutions. The small company needed to partner with someone to be better positioned in the negotiations with medtech giants.

– WHAT WE DID: Awa IPro participated in the strategic discussions and decisions regarding who to contact and not. We participated in all discussions regarding technical, legal and commercial matters together with the client. We participated in the deal negotiations and in the finalization of the deal.

– VALUE DELIVERY: The client entered into a long-term license agreement which, if handled according to plan, will make the client economically independent.

Patent sale

– CHALLENGE: Small consumer electronics company invented new earphones. The earphones are technically advanced with several sensors capable of measuring the health condition of a person while still being comfortable to wear. The earphone industry is fragmented with many active companies but only a few being “hot” on the market and only for a window of six months before next earphone design takes over.

– WHAT WE DID: We contacted more than 100 earphone companies around the world. Several discussions were held with a majority of the earphone companies, trying to hype and present our clients’ earphones as the next big thing.

– VALUE DELIVERY: The patent and design were sold to one of the largest IT companies in the world.