AWA IPro appreciates that each company and client is unique in their own way and we understand that their ambitions and goals will vary. Therefore, we strongly believe in that in order to be committed to each business proposal, we have to be able to provide each and every individual client with a bespoke solution which matches their vision. We will share the same vision and aspirations as our client. We will work to together with our client to make our dreams become reality. We will be each other’s business partners.

Since our clients stretch from start-up companies to international enterprises, it is difficult to illustrate exactly what the process looks like when a client asks AWA IPro to become their business partner. However, we have tried to simplify the general process with these three steps:

» Step 1 – EVALUATE
(free of charge)

We evaluate each case that we receive on a daily basis – what does this mean?

  • We look at your innovation/s, patents and the market landscape. We then analyse them against your competitiors to understand the challenges that lies ahead.
  • Based on our brief investigation of your strenghts and weakness, we will establish a risk and reward ratio on how our potential partnership could look like.
  • For most of the companies we evaluate, a free report of the findings is provided to you, regardless if we will enter a partnership or not. The report is accompanied with a decision if we want to proceed further.
  • We do the evaluation ranging from single inventors with single patents to global companies with thousands of patents and always free of charge.


» Step 2 – AGREE

We agree on a partnership solution – is it a perfect match?

  • We decide together on wow we are going to structure the partnership and how we are going to commercialize your innovation/s.
  • What do we want to achieve? Structuring the partnership, what kind of goals and limitations do we have? Deadlines? How will we work during the partnership? etc.
  • We will also decide how we will be reimbursed (success fee, fixed fee or a combination) and the level of the various fees.



This is where the commercialisation journey starts – are you prepared to win or lose?

  • This step varies from case-to-case. But, depending on our agreement in Step 2, AWA IPro will perform some or most of the following activities:
  • Strategy, creating teasers, arranging prospects and other marketing material
  • In depth market analysis
  • In depth IP analysis
  • Market mapping and identification of competitors
  • Valuations
  • Actively seeking and identifying buyers, licensees/ors, collaboration partners
  • Leading discussions and negotiations with companies in relation to technical and/or legal or financial matters
  • Structure business opportunities and finalise the deal, including audits.


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