We believe in good long-term relationships as we have seen that they are crucial for a successful outcome. We therefore often use a close partnering approach where we share risk and reward with the client. Every client and case are unique and so is our approach. The partnering set-up therefore differs from case to case. We normally work on a contingency basis and charge nothing for analysing your innovations, patent and market. For some clients with specific needs, a partnership solution may not be the best choice and we therefore provide some of our services on a fixed fee basis. Regardless of the set-up, it is important for us to achieve a win-win situation for both parts.

As we offer all ranges of support, everything from assisting everyday meetings to strategic advice in large scale transactions, we are very flexible in our engagement levels. We are, however, always fully committed to our client and their case.

Our offer

Commercialisation of innovations covers a wide range of fields and we have grouped some of our services into three packages. Typically, a client will have all of the packages or parts of the packages included in the partnership arrangement.



Our Business Package includes some or all of the following: valuations of intellectual assets, strategies for market entry and M&A services; identifying the market and competitors; performing due diligence; preparing marketing materials such as teasers and prospect lists; identifying and contacting buyers which may include licensees/-ors and collaboration partners. AWA IPro can represent the client(s) in negotiations and lead the discussions with a potential party. Finally, our package includes monetisation of IP assets and access to AWA IPro’s network.



Our Technical Package includes technical due diligence, product-IP matching, technology marketing and technical comparisons of existing and competing products and services.



Our Legal Package offers support during negotiations and business deals; drafting and reviewing of legal agreements for arrangements such as acquisitions, tech transfers, licensing of patents and/or identifying royalty rates. Another part of the package is about analysing potential infringement matters, assembling a licensing program and/or assessing evidence of use.


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